Week in Review

Last week a group worked very hard to get our annual newsletter/membership mailing printed, assembled and out the door. This issue is a compilation of the reports from the annual meeting and summarizes all that has been accomplished throughout the year. Sitting at home and reading the newsletter as a regular member would, I was awestruck at what is accomplished by a dedicated group of volunteers. Sometimes when you are in the thick of it all you lose track of the larger scheme of things.

The big new of the week…year….(maybe decade) – is the Society’s purchase of a building that will be dedicated to collection management and research. Proper collection space has been an issue for as long as I can remember – which is a loooong time! I have been on two building committees, a long-range plan and strategic plan where space was the number one priority.

Our new collection and research facility is two minutes away – just around the corner on US 1 in the center of Hampton Village. Over the winter the building will be retrofitted with an office/research area, collections work space and customized storage areas.  No more crowded storeroom where we have to move three things to get to what we needed. When that is completed, the library/meeting area in the main museum building on Park Avenue will be given a face-lift and volunteer work space will be created in the former storage areas. We will get small luxuries like electrical outlets, good lighting and a place to keep work in progress.  It will be a dream come true at a fraction what our new building addition was adding up to be.

The other “dream” part of this whole project is that we have a donor who is willing to match contributions made to the building fund dollar for dollar – so our affordable space alternative has become even more so! I want to thank the Building Committee and  HHS Board who kept on the issue until a suitable alternative was found. By this summer, our 90th anniversary celebration will be going strong,  and we should be ready to show off both locations. More on the building project can be found on our website.

I’d say it was a pretty good week!


President, Candice Stellmach, at the signing of the new research and collection center space.

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