Mrs. Batchelder’s Garden at the Tuck Museum

Karen Raynes

Karen Raynes. Photo courtesy Cheryl Lassiter.

Karen Raynes is a Tuck Museum volunteer and trustee of the Hampton Historical Society. The creator of the museum’s herb and flower garden, she recently presented “Mrs. B’s Garden” at the Society’s annual meeting. This is her story:

“My history begins at the Historical Society in 2007 when I was researching information about Marelli’s Market, my family’s store in Hampton, to prepare documentation for placement on the New Hampshire State Register of Historic Places. Betty Moore made available to me much of the information I needed to complete my research. She also has helped me find ways to express my talents at the museum. With her wise advice and never ending energy, she is an inspiration to all of the museums volunteers.

“Mrs. Batchelder’s Garden, affectionately known as Mrs. B’s garden, has been one of those ways I have expressed my interest in Hampton history. This project to create a living, historical tool for learning started in 2011 as a way to bring interest to what an 18th century woman would use to feed, heal, and take care of her family.To fund the project I applied to the Exeter Area Garden Club, and for two years they awarded grants to establish mostly perennial plants in the garden, which is located at the rear door of the Tuck Museum.”


Mrs. B’s garden in its first summer.


Click the image to see the names of each of the numbered plants.


Winnacunnet High School Family & Consumer Sciences teacher Mrs. Cummings and her students on a field trip to Mrs. B’s Garden at the Tuck Museum. Students harvested herbs and used them in recipes at school.