Viking Day at the Tuck Museum

Viking Visit  (6)Our first ever Viking Day at the Tuck Museum was held on Saturday, April 26, 2014. The dreary rain kept the crowds at home, but our Vikings gave the few hardy souls who did attend a wonderful learning experience about Viking culture and weaponry that they will not soon forget.

The group responsible for the day is called Draugar Vinlands, which means “Ghosts of Vinland,” in honor of the brothers Leif and Thorwald Erikson, the intrepid Viking adventurers who sailed to Iceland, Greenland, Markland, and Vinland in the 10th century AD.Draugar Vinlands is comprised of Viking History enthusiasts dedicated to the study and implementation of the sword and shield fighting techniques of the Viking age. They are not “reenactors,” rather, they use the term “living history combatants.” The only discernible difference between them and those they strive to emulate is that their weapons are not sharp. You can learn more about this group at their website We hope they will help us make Viking Day at the Tuck Museum an annual event.

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