The Vikings are Coming! (Again)

Another fascinating visitor at the Tuck Museum! Mark Svertunas of Exeter, NH is a Viking enthusiast who says he is intrigued by Thorvald’s Rock, Hampton’s famous granite boulder supposedly inscribed with Viking runes, which was moved to the museum grounds in 1989 to protect it from souvenir seekers.  He expressed no doubt that Vikings sailed far down the Atlantic coast and explored its many rivers over 1000 years ago. When time allows, he intends to build and sail a smaller replica of a Viking ship.

Mark and compatriots (not shown) will don their Viking gear and personae to join us on the museum grounds during the 375th weekend in August. They’ll demonstrate what Vikings wore into battle and how they fought. Courtesy of a finely-honed sword, watermelons will be savagely sacrificed (for eating, of course). The photo gallery captures Mark’s first visit to the museum.

contributed by Cheryl Lassiter

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