Jonathan Leavitt’s Tavern

Enjoy the latest HISTORY HAPPENS article, this one about Jonathan Leavitt’s tavern in Old Hampton. Jonathan was born into a family of shoemakers in 1712. His grandmother, Martha Taylor Leavitt, ran a still. Nine years before he was born, his uncle, Moses Leavitt, also a shoemaker, was accused of running an illegal tavern in the north division of Hampton (later, North Hampton) by his own cousin, Joshua Wingate, who went so far as to prosecute Moses in court. That put an end to Moses’s tavernkeeping for a few years, but by 1706 he was back in business, this time legally. Jonathan may have apprenticed in Moses’s tavern for a few years before deciding to open his own in his house located at the northeast corner of present day Lafayette Road and Winnacunnet Road (or, in Jonathan’s parlance, the country road and the sea road). READ MORE…

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