Salt Marsh Documentary

Last night something special happened.

A local documentary premiered by Joshua Silveria, who by day is a social studies teacher at Timberlane High School. Last summer Joshua came into the museum looking for information on clamming. The volunteers on duty told him about a seacoast industry long gone by – salt marsh farming. Intrigued (or feeling out-numbered) he decided to research it further.

We helped him search for local photographs and recommended folks that might know about haying and local ecology. After interviewing Ellen Goethel, a marine biologist; Harold Fernald a local historian; Eric Small from the Seabrook Historical Society and Alex Herlihey from the Rye Historical Society he went to work writing the script. Our own members Chet Riley and Ben Moore provided some of the narration.

The video was shown to a packed house. Beautiful photography, great editing, music and sound effects made time fly by, and the audience’s enthusiastic response proved that all his hard work was worth it. Now we have a wonderful piece to let all ages know about this by-gone practice.

Thanks, Joshua!

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