Serpent-sighting at Boar’s Head, 1831

The September 6, 1831 issue of the Exeter Newsletter, quoting the Newburyport Herald, informed readers that “the Sea Serpent lately very good naturedly exhibited himself at Boar’s Head,” pleasing the lucky spectators.

“Distinctly seen,” the friendly beast stood off the shore at a distance of “300 to 400 yards” and appeared to be an amazing 150 feet long, moving in the water with “much grace and majesty.”

“We [the intellectuals at the ENL] presume that such an accumulating mass of proof respecting the existence of an aquatic monster resembling a serpent…must bring conviction home to the bosoms of the most incredulous – and we have reason to think that the number of anti-believers in the existence of his snakeship is very inconsiderable.”

Cheryl Lassiter, November 2011


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